Wireless indoor security cameras help you keep an eye on things – you can even receive alerts based on motion detection or alarm activation.
A distributed wireless, military-grade security system can now protect your family at home!
Small wireless door and window sensors blend seamlessly into any decor.
Our graphic touchscreen keypad is user-friendly, can be wall-mounted or sit on a table, and can serve as an additional thermostat when smart home equipment and features are added.
Multiple wireless sirens can be located throughout your home so that you can hear alarm sounds, like a chime when the door opens, wherever you are in the house.
Wireless remote buttons, or proximity cards, can be used to disarm your security system or send a panic signal to our monitoring center.
Pan/Tilt cameras give full room coverage and can be set to send alerts upon alarm or motion activation.
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Smarter security makes for a smarter home.

Combine home automation features with your security system for incredibly unique lifestyle results.

Arm/Disarm your system with a code, with a swipe, or through your phone.

Integrated lights give your home a lived-in look, even while on vacation.

Smart door locks allow you to give out codes – not keys – and delete them when needed.

Set controls on your thermostats to save energy and money.

Connect your system with Apple TV®, Amazon Alexa®, or Google Home Assistant® for easier use without sacrificing protection.

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Keep an eye on your front door – from anywhere.

With the Video Doorbell you can check who’s at your front door and speak to them using two-way voice communication – even if you’re not at home.

Control your Video Doorbell from your phone using the Virtual Keypad App.
Receive real-time alerts. Any time motion is detected or the doorbell is pressed you’ll receive a notification.
Store over 2,000 video clips on the Virtual Keypad App.  View anytime, anywhere.
1080P clarity, 180-degree field of view and Pinch-to-Zoom technology means you can get a closer look.
Perfectly match your home with a choice of color options.

Eyes in the back of your head.

Keep watch over your property and loved ones even when you can’t physically be at home.

Indoor and outdoor cameras.
Save and share video and photos.
Set activity areas.
Receive activity and motion alerts.
View live and recorded video anywhere.
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Award Winning Alarm Monotoring

Award-winning local monitoring.

A monitored security system matters. Matson Alarm makes sure the proper authorities are notified and dispatched to your home when the alarm goes off.

UL Listed.

CSAA Five Diamond Awarded.

Landline, Internet, or Cellular Monitoring.

Can monitor any security system.

Industry trained and certified Dispatch Operators.

Fire and Life Safety

Don’t let your dreams go up in smoke.

Life safety devices such as smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detectors protect you from dangers you may not even be aware of.

In the U.S. there is an average of one home fire every 88 seconds.
On average 7 people per day die in home fires.
57% of home-fire deaths result from fires in homes with either no smoke detectors or non-working detectors.
Facts provided by the NFPA.
Medical Alert Systems

A medical alert system that moves with you.

Active and on-the-go adults can get life-saving protection and still enjoy their regular activities – gardening, walking, you name it!

Two-way voice communication.

Low battery alerts.

Medicine monitoring.

 Works with or without a landline.

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