5 Tips That Will Keep Your Pet Safe From Dangerous Holiday Decorations

By November 27, 2018 No Comments
Holiday Safety Tips For Pets

Decorating for the holidays is a cherished tradition for many families.  And while they delight almost everyone; unfortunately there are a few hidden dangers for your pets lurking in your favorite decorations.  Being aware of these hazards is the first step to making your holiday season safer for everyone, but especially for your beloved pet.  Read below for our 5 holiday safety tips for pets.


1. Don’t Let Your Pet Drink Christmas Tree Water

Christmas-tree water may contain traces of fertilizers and preservatives that can upset your pet’s stomach.  Refill with fresh water often and keep the bowl covered tightly with aluminum foil or plastic wrap.  If you aren’t satisfied with a foil-covered Christmas tree bowl under your tree, you can always place a Christmas-tree skirt or decorative Christmas-tree basket to hide it.


2. Anchor Your Tree

Do you have adventurous cat climber?  Make sure you anchor your tree by running a heavy weight fishing wire up your tree and connecting to the wall or ceiling to avoid a toppled tree.


3. Pet-Proof Your Tree Decorations

Make sure Christmas lights and fragile ornaments are out of reach of pets.  A broken ornament knocked off the tree can put your pet at risk of broken glass in their paws, so make sure breakable ornaments are placed higher up.  Also, tinsel can be harmful to pets when ingested so it might be a good idea to skip it.


4. Clean Up The Pine Needles

Another ouch risk for your pet? Fallen pine needles.  Pine needles are very sharp and can puncture paws, your pet’s mouth, and even their intestines.  Make sure to do a quick sweep or vacuum of any fallen needles.


5. Beware Of Tree Flocking

Adding flocking to a Christmas tree instantly makes your home feel more like a winter wonderland.  However, it can be very harmful and dangerous to a pet if ingested.  Like tinsel, this might be a Christmas decoration you want to skip.