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Access Control Systems For Small Businesses

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Access Control Systems

Simple Access Control Systems For Small Businesses:

If you are looking for simple and cost-effective access control systems for your small business – smart locks are the answer.  Security systems with automation features can not only make your home “smart”, but your business as well!


Automated door locks work great for a number of businesses including office and retail spaces.  Whether you have a few exterior doors that you want to control access to or you have an interior office with sensitive information – automated door locks can work for you.


A few features of this system include: controlling which employees have access and at what times based on their personal 4-digit code, the ability to remove someone’s access at any time by deleting their code, and the option to arm/disarm your security system with the door lock code.


Here are some additional benefits of automated door locks:

  • No need to hand out keys to your employees. Each employee can have their own code.
  • Remotely lock/unlock doors, no matter where you are.
  • Check lock status remotely to see if doors are locked.
  • Receive remote notification when a door lock is accessed.