Self Managed Access Control.

An access control solution for any number of doors at any size business.

Expandable, single site access control system for one door to 99.

Easily manage users, guests, and temporary authorizations from a desktop or mobile device.

System management solution options – self-managed through APP or hosted management through Matson Alarm.

Fully integrated burglar alarm and access control system.  Users can have burglar alarm rights, door access rights, or both.

We offer both standard encryption and high encryption entry options including access cards, high encryption access cards, keyfobs, proximity patches, PINS, or card + PIN for multiple layer, high security protection.

Our system is based off of areas and schedules giving our clients greater flexibility when a building has multiple suites or sections.  Designated areas can be locked and alarmed while others remain open.  Users can have access to just a door, just arming/disarming, or both.  Schedules can be created for normal hours, weekend, nighttime hours, holidays, or based off a temporary schedule.

Our system allows for multiple custom reports and/or device notifications based on your business security needs.  A typical access report might include any door swipes that were declined along with the user, date, and time the event occurred.

Integrated Access Control + Video.

Our burg, access, and video solution turns three separate security solutions into one fully integrated system – to give you a better overall picture of what is happening on your property.

Cameras integrate into your access control system for a live stream, plus recordable event option, at every access point. 

Certain users, such as a security team member or compliance manager, can receive snapshots at every door swipe or just for declined door swipes. 

If a security event occurs you get the user and card swipe static information as well as live footage of the event for a more accurate event picture.
Knowing that cameras are watching creates greater accountability for your employees and adds an extra level of security and protection for your business.
Includes all of the convenient and easy-to-use management features of our standard access control system.

Enterprise Level Access Control.

Our enterprise access control solutions are perfect for large properties and businesses with high-security needs.

System management solution options – self-managed through APP or hosted management through Matson Alarm.

Manage all sites with one log on.  With one user code and password you can view multiple sites and efficiently edit, manage, and delete users across multiple sites. 

Mobile passes or temporary passes are easy to execute.  Add users and give temporary access for the days/times needed, whether it’s a one-time use or a set schedule.

Double verification is available for banks and other high security facilities. Users will be given an access card and must provide a 6 digit code to gain entry into the facility.  In the event a card is lost or stolen the facility is still secured. 

Includes a lock down feature which is great for schools, churches, and large campuses/facilities.  With the push of a button the appropriate campus or facility security director can lock down all doors or leave a selected few open in the event of an emergency.

A variety of pre-made and custom reports can be provided to compliance managers or security teams to adhere to each industry’s safety and compliance standards.