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Alarm System Installation With Matson Alarm

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If you’ve never had a home security system and you’re wondering what to expect on installation day and beyond, look no further.  We’ve gathered a few tips so you’ll know what to expect and be ready to go day-of!

Before Your Alarm System Installation:

Your security consultant has taken down all of your information and will begin paperwork processing.  This is usually completed in 1-2 business days.  Our installation manager will then call you to schedule your install appointment.  Mark your calendar and make sure someone who is 18 years or older is present to grant the installation tech access to the home the day of.

If you have pets who are sensitive to loud noises, make a plan to keep them in a separate area of the house or yard, or better yet, have them visit a friend.  That way they won’t be startled by any loud noises that may result from the installation.


The Day Of :

You will receive and email reminder that your technician is on the way.  Our technicians will arrive in a Matson Alarm van and uniform.  If you currently have a working system from another company, often times our technicians can use all of the existing equipment and wiring.  Some smaller updates may be made or previously discussed upgrades may be installed.  For example, the technician may install a cellular communicator if your landlines are not compatible with the alarm system, or as an additional path for communication.

The length of installation depends on the size of the project and what kind of system is being installed.  The majority of alarm system installations take about half a day, while larger projects may require more time.

When the installation technician is finished installing your system, they will test the system through our central station to ensure signals are being received.  Then, they will walk you through the features, show you how to arm and disarm your alarm, and answer any other questions you may have.


Once Your Installation is Complete:

Contact Your Home Insurance Provider

Did you know that having a home security system can lower your homeowner insurance premium?  Some insurance companies will give you a minimum 5% discount for basic burglar, fire, and dead bolt lock systems and up to a 20% discount for a sophisticated, monitored fire and alarm system.  Not all systems qualify for a discount, however, and discounts vary depending on your insurance provider.

Notify Your Designated “Responsible Parties”

When you signed up and sent over all of your information, you were asked to designate a “Responsible Party” who could be called in the event that your alarm is set off and you cannot be reached.  It’s a good idea to get in touch with your contacts listed on your account and let them know what you would like for them to do in the event that they are reached.  Responsible parties can have different levels of access, so be sure to let each know what they are allowed to do.  Make sure they have the appropriate information, for example, account number or password if you would like them to clear/cancel an alarm, so that they are prepared to do so.

Make Sure Your Alarm Yard Signs And Window Stickers Are Visible

This will only enhance your safety by making it very clear to neighbors and would-be burglars that your house is not one to mess with!

Give Household Members a Home Alarm System Tutorial

Show all of the members of your household how to operate, arm, and disarm the security system, including your kids.  This will help reduce false alarms, as well as increase other family members sense of security.

Don’t Give Out Your Security System Password

This simple password is a big key to keeping you, your house, and your family safe.  While everyone in your household should know the keypad code, as well as the verbal passwords, keep it limited to only your household members.  Different passcodes and passwords can be created and assigned for others outside of the family who need access to the home or business, such as housekeepers, workers, etc.

Test Your Security System Once A Month

It is important to ensure that your security system is consistently and constantly working.  While we stand by our products and our services, sometimes outside factors can affect incoming/outgoing signals, wifi, landlines, and alarm equipment in general.  This is why it is important to once-a-month call a Matson Alarm service representative and they can walk you through how to test your system.  It is a quick and simple process that will guarantee your system stays up and running properly.  Set a repeating, once-a-month reminder in your smart phone so you don’t forget to do this important step!

Use Your Alarm

You might read this step and think “duh”, but you would be surprised by the number of home owners who forget to turn their alarm on or aren’t even sure how to work their system.  We all have daily routines for when we leave the house and it is so important to add “turning on the alarm” to your habits.  The majority of burglaries happen during the day, so be sure to always turn your alarm on when you leave the house, even if it’s just to run a “quick errand.”  You should also always set your alarm at night, whether you are home or away.  If you aren’t sure how to work your system, or are confused by some of the features, you have two options.  You can visit our online support page, where we have informational how-to videos that will walk you through basic functions of your system, such as arming and disarming your system, bypassing zones, and much more.  The second option  is to call Matson Alarm and speak with a service representative who will answer any questions you may have.