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Back to School Home Security Tips

By August 10, 2017 No Comments
Back To School Home Security Tips

Summer has flown by and for many parents it is time to get back into the school routine.  This time of year can add another level of stress to your busy life, especially if you are a full-time working parent.  Thanks to technology, there are a few great home security and home automation tools to help your new schedule run smoothly.

School mornings are busy.  When you are packing lunches, making breakfast, and trying to get everyone out of the house on time, it’s easy to forget to set the alarm, lock the door, and make sure the garage is closed.  Thankfully you can do all of that, even after you have left, from the app on your smart phone.  For an extra reminder, you can use geofencing.  We’ve talked about geofencing before and even made a video to show customers how easy it is.  In case you missed it, let’s break it down again.  Geofencing let’s you set home security and home automation preferences inside a radius around your home.  For example, you want your alarm to be set and the garage door to close whenever you leave the geofencing radius.  Now fast forward to Monday morning: you finally got out of the house with everyone dressed (with the correct matching shoes) and you are about to leave the neighborhood when you get a notification from your app asking if you would like to arm your alarm and close the garage door.  You can also add devices (aka your kids’ phones) to your geofence list and be alerted when they leave or reenter the geofence.  In addition to receiving a geofence alert when your kids come home from school, you can visually check the cameras on your app to make sure they got into the house and are doing their homework 😉

In addition to these tech savvy tips, there are some basic home security protocols that you should periodically go over with your family. Make sure they know how to arm and disarm the alarm, both from the panel and from their smart phone (if they have one).  Also, instruct them on what to do in the event they set off the alarm.  Give them the contact information of your alarm company, as well as the password to clear the alarm and the panic word in case of an emergency.

Always emphasize the importance of keeping alarm codes and passwords a secret from others, even friends.