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Commercial-grade security camera packages.

High-quality security camera systems to protect your business and property.

Our standard video camera packages include vandal-proof dome security cameras with a 4MP minimum resolution. These cameras are designed for extreme temperature environments and include smart IR technology for a great picture even at nighttime and in low-light areas.
All security camera packages include a 4K NVR with 8MP resolution and HD preview and playback. This NVR offers built-in motion detection algorithms, alarm triggers, and customized recording modes for video monitoring integration.

Professional, hard-wired, commercial grade HD security cameras for indoor and outdoor applications. Offering 2 to 16 security cameras per package we are able to effectively secure any standard suite, building, warehouse or commercial site.

Integrate your video camera package with your burglar alarm for simplistic viewing, playback, recording, arming and more all within the same APP.  Standalone video camera packages are easily viewed through a separate APP or on TVs and computer monitors on-site.

Custom designed camera systems.

Specialty types of cameras for businesses with specific security needs.

We will customize a camera system to fit your specific business and property needs. Examples of custom camera system use include: multi-site or multi-building facilities, large outdoor lots with a need for post mounted cameras or video analytics, cameras controlled by security personnel, and more.

We offer 180-degree or full 360-degree view cameras that meld individual images into one panoramic view.  These specialty cameras allow you to see a whole-area picture rather than viewing each camera separately, making it easier for your security team to track on-site security incidents.  

PTZ cameras are best utilized when members of an on-site secruity team are actively monitoring the location.  They can follow actions from camera to camera and generally range from 2MP to 4K (8MP) resolution. 

Specialty cameras and analytics.

Matson Alarm offers the latest in CCTV technology.

With specialty analytics you can track license plates or cars during specific hours or at all times, follow cars upon entering/exiting your property, or follow a vehicle until it stops moving.

Follow suspicious persons on your property through analytics by tagging them within the software so they aren’t lost from camera to camera; or, highlight valuable or high-interest areas to monitor activity.

People counting cameras allow you to keep track of how many people are at your store or event. Used for applications such as retail, supermarkets, churches and other high-traffic businesses.

Specialty cameras, including extremely high-resolution HD cameras with analytics, are ideal for applications that require facial recognition for entry/exit management.

Video Verification.

Police respond with high-priority when Matson Alarm actively monitors alarms through video.

Video verified alarms offer visual proof that someone is on your property when they shouldn’t be. Police respond with high priority and the likelihood they will catch the intruder at the scene increases greatly.

All camera systems we offer support video verification functions and are upgradeable to include video verification at any time.  We may or may not be able to add video verification to existing camera systems.

Video verification is customer-driven based on your businesses hours and activities.  We will dispatch the police only when the site should be clear, reducing false alarms and disruption during work hours.  If footage indicates an animal instead of human presence we can disregard the alarm.
Video verification helps prevent notification fatigue.  All alarm triggers are sent in with a video clip to our central station and our professional dispatch operators will alert you when the alarm is real, but won’t bother you if it’s only an animal.

Professional site survey and consultation.

Let our expert security consultants walk your property and give advice on the best way to protect your assets.

Our security consultant will complete a free site survey and then create a specialized video camera system to help prevent loss and increase productivity at your business.

Professional installation and warranty service is included with all systems.

Matson Alarm offers Video Verification Monitoring – a proactive security approach that results in capturing criminals. You can’t get Video Verification Monitoring with DIY cameras.

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