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Virtual Keypad Integrates with Amazon Echo

By January 3, 2019 February 11th, 2019 No Comments
DMP Virtual Keypad Alexa

We’re pleased to tell you that DMP security systems from Matson Alarm now integrate with the Amazon Echo!  The Virtual Keypad makes it easy to use your favorite commands with Alexa.  You can arm, disarm and control your favorite home automation features with your voice. Look ma, no hands commands!

Below is a list of all commands from DMP:

Arming: All arming commands must start with “Alexa, tell Virtual Keypad to…” Then, say one of these phrases to select an arming type:
“arm my system home.”
“arm my system sleep.”
“arm my system away.”
“arm my system all.”
“arm my system perimeter.”
Favorites: To activate a favorite, say “Alexa, activate (favorite name).”
Lights: To turn Z-Wave lights on or off, say “Alexa, turn on (light name).” or “Alexa, turn off (light name).” You can also dim Z-Wave lights to any percentage by saying “Alexa, turn on (light name) to (percentage).” For example, “Alexa, turn on kitchen light to 50%.”
Locks: Z-Wave locks can be locked by saying “Alexa, lock my (lock name).”
Thermostats: To set the temperature using your Amazon Echo and a Z-Wave thermostat, say “Alexa, set my (upstairs) thermostat temperature to (degree).”


We hope this helps you get even more functionality out of your Matson Alarm security system.  If you are interested in more ways to use the Virtual Keypad, it also integrates with Apple TV and is coming soon to Google Home for those of you that don’t use Amazon Echo!