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Halloween Decorating Safety Tips For Homeowners

By October 12, 2017 No Comments
halloween decorating safety tips

It’s almost time to whip out those Halloween decorations and turn your home into the Haunted Mansion.  Before you do, check out our Halloween decorating safety tips!

Jack-O-Lantern Safety

Leave the pumpkin carving to the adults.  Let your kids scoop out the gooey insides and give them pumpkins to paint and draw on instead.  Once your pumpkin is carved, consider using electronic candles or glowsticks inside rather than real candles.  If you must use lit candles, make sure the jack-o-lanterns are out of reach and won’t be knocked over by little hands, pets, or trick-or-treaters.

Party Safety

Who doesn’t love a good Halloween Party with Monster Mash on repeat, amiright?!  Before you start that fog machine and get the spooky party poppin’, do a party space safety scan first.  Make sure all of the exits are clear and not blocked by skeletons, gravestones, and other Halloween decor.  If you insist on using lit candles, make sure they are not easily knocked over or brushed up against (you don’t want Dracula’s cape to catch fire).  Speaking of fire, you will also want to test your smoke alarm to ensure it is working properly.  Also, that fog machine we mentioned will most likely set off your smoke detector, so it’s best to skip it.

Outside Safety

When decorating the outside of your home, be sure to keep your walkways well lit and clear of obstacles for trick-or-treaters.  Tape down any loose cords or wires to prevent anyone from tripping.  If you want to decorate with lights, look for the UL mark to make sure they have been tested for safety standards.

Pet Safety

We can’t forget about our furry Halloween friends!  When decorating, make sure there are no open flames or hazardous decorations, such as dry ice, accessible to your pet.  Whether they like to jump, run around, wag their tale, or all of the above, it’s easy for an excited pet to knock something over.  Be sure to place these potentially dangerous decorations out of reach and on a stable, sturdy surface.  If your pet gets stressed out by loud noises or constant door knocking and ringing, you may consider finding a more soothing space for your pet on Halloween night.  As most everyone knows, ingesting chocolate is dangerous for pets, so be sure to keep those sweet treats out of paws reach.


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