Home Automation - Security

Seamlessly integrate your home automation and security.

Combine home automation features with your security system for incredibly unique lifestyle results.

Arm/Disarm your security system through your touchscreen interface, television or smartphone.

View and monitor your security cameras from the comfort of your home or on the go.

Receive security alerts when alarms are triggered.

Mockupancy – randomized scenes and actions will make it look like your property is occupied when you’re not there.

Home Theater - Home Automation

Control your home theater with ease.

With the push of a single button you can have a luxurious viewing experience – in the comfort of your own home.

Control audio, video and lighting for your home theatre simply on your touchscreen keypad from Control4.
Your favorite settings will be programmed into the system so that your TV will be ready for the movie selection, audio will change to surround sound, lights will dim and shades will go down at once.
Your video entertainment isn’t just limited to your home theatre – play your media on every tv across the house.
No cords. No mess. Every device and cord can be tucked away and out of sight.
Home Automation - Lighting

Get your house ready for a party with home automation.

Set the tone with automated indoor and outdoor lighting from Control4.

Control lighting in one room or throughout the whole house.

Automated outdoor lighting make it easy to create an atmosphere for your evening.

Control lighting from your wireless keypad.  You can create different scenes or turn every light off at once.

Carriage lighting makes sure you to never come home to a dark house – exterior lights will automatically turn on at sunset and turn off at sunrise.

Home Automation - Energy Control

Automated and energy efficient.

Home Automation that enhances everyday life.

Lighten or darken any room in an instant with motorized shades.
Your wireless keypad makes it easy to automate just one shade or groups of them.
Automate your shades in conjunction with your thermostats for ultimate energy efficiency.
Home Automation

Intercom Anywhere.

Answer your door from anywhere in the world with Control4 home automation!

Answer calls from your front door or gated entry on your smartphone.

Allow instant access your to your home for workers or service providers with a temporary code that can open doors.

With Intercom Anywhere you can place or receive calls from any keypad in your home.

Check in on your home – with video – from your smartphone with Intercom Anywhere.

Home Automation - House Audio

The ultimate listening experience.

Room to room, indoors to outdoors – your music can always be with you.

Control4 integrates with Spotify and other streaming services, Apple Music and gives your the ability listen to your own media files.
Play audio in one room or every room.
Dispersive indoor audio means wherever you move in your home the music is always at the right level.
Outdoor dispersive audio systems ensure that you can hear your music at the right level wherever you are in your yard – and you’ll never annoy your neighbors with too loud of music.

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