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How To Replace The Battery In Your Alarm Sensors

By September 17, 2018 No Comments

At some point you’re probably going to need to change the batteries on your security system’s door and window sensors.  The battery life of your sensors will depend on a few factors, such as if the contact is located in a high traffic area or if the sensor is subjected to extreme temperatures.  When a sensor has a low battery it will send a signal to your system, which will alert you on your DMP keypad.

The process of changing a battery is simple and we have added 8 instructional videos to our website to walk you through the process.  The videos can be found on our Support page, under the section “How To Videos”.

Each video will show you the correct battery type for that specific sensor.  Batteries can easily be found at most major electronic retailers.  Just a few tips: Always remember to put your system on test when you are changing the battery on your sensor, do a sensor reset on your keypad after you have completed the process and remember to let us know when you have finished, so we can take your system off test!

We have also placed the videos below, for your convenience.  And if you have any questions you can always call us at (559) 438-8000 and speak to our service department.

Alarm Sensor Battery Replacement Series: