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Protect Your Business from Retail Theft

By August 17, 2017 No Comments
Protect Your Business From Retail Theft

Although businesses of any size can be hit by shoplifters, smaller businesses often experience higher annual shrinkage, according to the National Retail Security Survey.  Part of the reason seems to be that smaller businesses lack security systems.  Whether your business is large or small, check out some of our tips below to help reduce and protect your business from retail theft.

  • Lower all display cases around the cashier to ensure they have a clear view of the selling floor
  • Train employees to greet and acknowledge every customer, look them in the eye, and stay alert
  • Interact with and provide personal customer service to as many customers as possible
  • Some people like to be left alone to browse, so train employees to continue to make frequent eye contact with these customers
  • If you have a large sales floor, zones can be assigned to employees so that there are no unattended areas
  • Employees should offer compliments and nice comments on items being taken into dressing rooms.  This reinforces to the customer that they are aware of what is going in, and what should be coming out
  • Remain on the sales floor as much as possible so that it isn’t left open and vulnerable
  • Browse your own sales floor looking for unattended price guns, incorrect price signs, open showcases, etc
  • Limit access to back inventory rooms
  • Keep inventory areas clean and organized
  • Use security cameras and technology such as the DMP Traffic Count to keep track of how many people are coming and going in up to 10 zones
  • Post signs and warnings that your store will prosecute all shoplifters
  • Train employees on what to do in situations when they see or suspect a shoplifter, who to contact, and the correct steps on what to do