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Security Tips For Your Vacation Home Or Rental Property

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Owning a second home can come with it’s own set of security obstacles.  If you can’t be around 24/7 how are you supposed to keep an eye on things?  This is where home security solutions can give you an extra eye and peace of mind.   When considering different security options for your second home it’s also important to distinguish whether primarily you and your family visit the home or if it is regularly used as a rental property.  Either way, there are many options when it comes to rental and vacation home security.

1. Make sure windows and doors are always locked when you aren’t around.

We may repeat this tip over and over, but that is because its one of the best ways to secure your home for FREE!

2. Get a monitored security system.

There are many benefits to having a monitored security system for your second home.  One is that your security company will be able to notify you in the event an alarm is triggered.  You can also let your central station know when you will or will not be at the home – so they can know for sure if someone is supposed to be there!  We also recommend you place window stickers and yard signs from your security company around the property, so that any potential burglars will know there is a security system on the premises.

3. Better yet, get a security system with home automation features such as Smart Locks.

If your second home is also a rental property, having home automation features is essential.  Using Smart Locks ensures you don’t have to give any renters your keys and worry about copies being made.  You can simply give them a 4-digit user code they enter at the door lock.  You can delete this code when it’s time for their stay to be over and you don’t have to worry about anyone having access to your house.  The other benefit of smart locks is that you can receive notifications when someone enters and exits.  For example, if you have someone that cleans the property after renters leave, you will know when they arrive and leave.  That way you can make sure the alarm is set until the next renter arrives!

4. Get cameras.

Having security cameras is a great addition if you just want to check in on your property from time to time when you can’t physically be there.  They are also useful to have in the event an alarm is triggered – you can get a better sense on whether its a false alarm or an emergency situation.  If you rent out your vacation home only put them up on the outside, you don’t want to scare your renters away!

5.Make sure blinds are closed when you leave.

If there is a potential burglar lurking around your home you don’t want them to be able to see what you have inside!

6. Make your home look occupied.

Make friends with neighbors that will ensure your mail or garbage cans aren’t left out.  You don’t want to alert anyone that the home may be unoccupied for long periods of time.


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