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Answers to some of the most common questions our customers ask

General Questions

Q: How do I get an alarm user permit?

A: Check with your city. In most areas your city will issue your permit. In Fresno, permits are issued by the Fresno Police Department. Once you have received your permit, please contact Matson Alarm so we can add your permit number to our system.

Q: How do I set up Matson MyView Billing & Service and Matson MyView Monitoring Accounts?

A: For Matson MyView Billing & Service go to our “My Account” page, click the link for Matson MyView Billing & Service and click “Setup New Account”.
To have an account created for Matson MyView Monitoring you will need to call us at (559) 438-8000 or email us.

Q: I am remodeling part of my home or business, how will this affect my alarm system?

A: If you have any remodel work done on your property, please contact us. We can disable parts of your alarm system so that you do not incur any false alarms. When you are finished with your remodel, Matson Alarm can come out to your property to reassemble your system at our regular service rates.

Billing Questions

Q: When does my contract expire?

A: You can check your contract date by contacting our billing department at
(559) 438-8000 or by emailing our Billing Department.

Q: Can I change my invoice date?

A: If you are on EFT/Auto Debit you may contact our billing department to change your invoice date by calling us at (559) 438-8000 or emailing our Billing Department.

Q: How can I get set up on EFT/Auto Debit?

Fill out this form and return it to our Billing Department.

Technical Questions

Q: How do I bypass a zone?

A: Click the “zones” icon, then select the zones you would like to bypass then click “bypass” icon. Enter your 4-digit code.

Q: What does a “b/f” or “6/f” on my keypad mean?

A: This means “Backup Failure”.  Please contact Matson Alarm.

Q: How long can my battery last during a power outage?

A: Your battery can last approximately 8 hours.

Q: How long does the panel battery last?

A: The battery on your panel will last approximately 5-7 years.

Q: What does a “F/C” on my keypad mean?

A: This means “Failure to Communicate.” You need to check with your phone company to ensure your analog land line is working properly. If you do not have a land line and your system is connected through your WiFi check that your WiFi is working and the password has not been changed.

Q: Is my alarm system compatible with Voice Over Internet Phone from AT&T or any other phone company?

A: No, you need an analog phone line, a back-up radio or a Matson Alarm communication module.

*Note: Any time there is work done on your phone line or internet, call the service department at (559) 438-8000 and test the alarm system with us.

Q: Why wasn’t I notified that my alarm system isn’t working?

A: We encourage our customers to test their alarm system at least once a month, and notify us if they have phone line work done at their home or business.

Q: The plug that goes from my alarm panel to the wall is warm. Is that normal?

A: Yes, it is normal.

Q: Can I change the batteries in my wireless sensor myself?

A: Yes. There is a small hole on either the top or side of the sensor that allows you to pop off the cover. Inside you will see the battery type, and can purchase one from Home Depot or Lowes.

Q: How can I change my code?

A: Enter your master code + 8 + your user number + your new 4 digit code twice.

Q: How can I add a user code?

A: Enter your master code + 8 + user number + new 4 digit code once.

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