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Protect Your Business from Theft

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Theft Prevention

Theft can happen in businesses of any size.  Unfortunately, two of the three leading causes of shrinkage are employee theft and retail theft.   Here we’ve listed a few simple additions to your security system that can help you determine the causes of shrinkage in your business and to help you with theft prevention.


Wireless Asset Protector

Asset protectors secure a single item to prevent theft.  If you have a few high-ticket items in your store or business, we recommend using asset protectors.  If an item is moved or disturbed, these devices alert you.  Asset protectors are so effective because they work whether or not the security system is armed.  Some examples of valuable items that you may want to place an asset detector on are TV’s, computers, safes, collectibles or artwork.


DMP Traffic Count

DMP traffic count is a feature that you can use with your Virtual Keypad App.  Traffic count will keep track of how many people are coming and going in up to 10 zones using your security systems’ motion detectors.  If you know how many people are in your store, you can compare these numbers to your sales numbers.  Any large discrepancies will make you aware that theft may be occurring.


Security Cameras

You can use indoor security cameras to keep an eye on your employees and customers from wherever you are.  You can view live video, playback and record so if something looks fishy at your business, you can save it and take a closer look.  For more in-depth information on security camera systems for business, take a look here.


Access Control

You can add key-less door locks to keep private offices, stock rooms or other designated areas off limits to anyone who does not have a pass code.  Use multiple pass codes to keep track of employees and know which code unlocked the door.  Here’s a more in-depth article on access control systems for small businesses.


We would love to help you with theft prevention at your business.  Give us a call or fill out this form for a no obligation quote!