Video Monitoring From Matson Alarm

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Video Alarm Verification

Protecting your property has never been easier.


Professional Video Monitoring

Suspicious activity on your property is presented to our dispatch operators for verification of a real alarm event.

Shorten Police Response Times

Verified Alarms via video clips are given a higher priority by law enforcement, reducing police response times.

Reduce False Alarms

If you've ever experienced notification fatigue you are less likely to respond to an alarm event. With video verification you'll never miss an important alarm trigger - because we'll be watching for you.

Decrease Property Loss

Video Verification is proven to deter criminals and catch burglars.

Criminal Captures In Progress

See video alarm verification in action.

Suspect On Property

A suspect is caught prowling one of our customers’ property.

Police On Scene

The suspects are caught by the police!

Officer On Property

An officer is on the scene just after our cameras caught footage of a burglar.

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