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Whole Home Automation from Matson Alarm + Control4

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Control4 Dealer

Matson Alarm isn’t new to providing our customers with the latest in home automation technologies, but we’re proud to announce that we are now a Control4 Dealer and Certified Showroom.


From Control4’s website, this means:

“Control4 Dealers are home technology professionals who have the certified training and proven experience needed to deliver world-class smart-home solutions to our customers. From the network foundation to the personalized touches that make your house a dream home, our dealers are experts in designing and installing whole-home automation systems that are matched perfectly to the lifestyle of any individual or family.”

Our roots are firmly grounded in our customers’ security and safety and with that in mind, we also want to offer the best in convenience, comfort and ease of use.  That’s where Control4 comes in.  While allowing our customers to integrate their security systems, camera systems, door locks and more – we can offer the best in security AND automation.  Let’s take a closer look at what we can provide to our customers:


Security Integration

Integrate your security system so you can arm, disarm and more from your touchscreen keypad or phone – at home or on the go.  Integrating your video cameras allows you to view and record live feed of your home from your touchscreen keypad, TV or phone as well.  With security integration you’ll have peace of mind that your home and family are secure.


Intercom Anywhere

Intercom Anywhere allows you to view and communicate (or not) with anyone at your front door.  You can also unlock your door or allow access to different locations, such as a garage door or backyard gate for service workers.  And it’s more than just your typical front door system – if you choose to enable it you can use Intercom Anywhere to connect to any keypad in your home and view live feed from that room.  Imagine this: checking in on your kids while they’re home with a babysitter, without needing to wait for anyone to answer the phone. You can also make outbound phone calls from your touchscreen keypad and broadcast messages across your home.



Whether you want a full-blown home theater or just easier use of all of your entertainment devices, Control4 makes it convenient.  With one remote you can stream movies, watch TV, control audio and more – in one room or on multiple TV’s in your home simultaneously.  If you are looking for that luxurious home theater experience, picture this: With the push of one button all of your favorite settings are activated simultaneously – curtains open to reveal your large projection screen, lights dim and audio/video are ready to play your chosen selection.



With Control4 audio devices you can setup your entire home with an indoor/outdoor audio system.  If you’re not ready to take the plunge you can start with a one room audio system that is able to fully expand throughout your home.  You can play music from any streaming service, Apple Music or your own music library.  Dispersive audio systems allow you to move throughout your house and your music will always be at the right volume.  Dispersive audio means that we use a greater number of speakers to ensure the volume is the same throughout and never too loud in one area. Let’s not forget about the great outdoors. Of course we offer outdoor audio as well, and use the dispersive audio technique so whether your lounging by your outdoor fire pit or in the pool, you’ll always hear the music. 



Automated lighting is more than just being able to control lights from a keypad or your phone – it allows you to create specific scenes that you will commonly use and then, with the push of a single button that ambiance is created.  Examples of popular scenes would be a “Good Morning” scene, where hallway and bright main space lights turn on – so you can prepare for your day ahead.  Or “Coming Home”, where exterior carriage lights, garage lights and main space and hallway lights all come on at once as you arrive home from work.  Another great scene might be called “Dinner Party”, which could combine the perfect indoor and outdoor lighting scene for having guests. Outdoor walkways and your front door and foyer would be lit for your guests arrival.  Hallways and a few kitchen lights would be on and the rest would dimmed or lamp lighting for a cozy mood inside. Don’t forget your backyard lighting for the perfect view outside. The best part about automated lighting is that you can create customized moods or scenes for your lifestyle – at your fingertips with the push of a single button.



Automated blinds are so convenient.  You can set scenes with the push of a button or control each blind one a time for personal preference.  Examples of scenes would be “Evening” where in the bedrooms the blackout curtains would come down to prepare you and the children for bed time and the shades in the main living spaces would close for privacy.  Then for a “Daytime” scene, you can open all the blinds at once. Easy.


Matson Alarm is proud to be a Control4 Dealer.  Don’t be shy – make an appointment to visit our showroom at our main office in Fresno, CA.  We can’t wait to share it with you!  If you’d like to visit our showroom, click here.


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